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Clear Simple Solutions To Your Retirement Needs and Frustrations

Live the Retirement of YOUR Dreams

Take the First Step Now

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Financial Uncertainty Can Paralyze and Postpone Your Dreams

Are you frustrated, confused or afraid retirement will pass you by?

Do all the decisions and jargon overwhelm you?

Are you stressed, anxious or unhappy with your present path?

Wouldn't You Rather....

  • Live a longer, healthier and happier life.

  • Enjoy your time with kids, friends and grandkids.

  • Save time, money and sleep better

  • Reduce stress and find your clear path. 

  • Make your money work as hard for you...

     as you did to earn it. 

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Let Us Be Your Guide 

We know it can be frustrating.

We feel your anxiety and confusion.

Let us guide you through the obstacles, around the potholes and over the bumps in the road to retirement.

We have helped hundreds of clients, just like you, find clear, simple solutions since 1981. 

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We will help you take control of your future. You will find clear simple answers to your most pressing questions. Your stress and frustration will shrink and your peace of mind will skyrocket.

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You are the Hero of this Story

  • Take the first step toward financial clarity.

    Make your family safe, secure and proud.

    Find the respect and peace of mind that comes when you take control of your retirement and life. 


  • Our Three Step Process

    Clear Simple Solutions to your Retirement and Financial concerns are waiting on the other side.

    Free Consultation

    We start with warm and friendly conversation understanding your needs and goals.

    Analyze and Implement Your Plan

    We develop a detailed action plan on how to improve your financial situation starting today.

    Live a Longer Healthier Life 

    You gain control of your finances and live the retirement of your dreams with less stress and renewed confidence. 

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    Our Team

    We are professional financial advisors ready to help you

    Keith Maderer

    Keith is the founder and has been a financial professional since 1981.


    Chelsea Makowski, CFP®

    Chelsea has been a financial professional since 2017 and completed her CFP® in 2020.


    Lori Maderer

    Lori is the office manager, and accountant and the income tax advisor 


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    Our Services

    We provides multiple services to help your financial situation now and in the future

    Retirement Planning

    Take control of your financial future and retire with peace of mind.

    Estate and Legacy Planning

    We guide you through the steps and ensure that your legacy is designed exactly as you want it to be.

    Investment Advice

    We will help you coordinate your investments so that they match your risk tolerance and goals.

    Income Tax Planning

    Why pay more if you can save more money for yourself.

    About Senior Financial and Tax

    We are located in Orchard Park, New York and have been guiding clients for over 40 years now. We have helped hundreds of individuals, just like you with their retirement and financial goals.

    If you are ready to solve your financial problems, please contact us right now before it's too late!

    Ready to take control over your financial future?

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